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Sora Aviation S1.png

Welcome to Sora Aviation, we're paving the way to a safe, sustainable and scalable future of air mobility.  We are a team of passionate and determined individuals with a shared vision for affordable and accessible eVTOL services. We believe that our eVTOL bus has the potential to revolutionize urban transportation for the many rather than the few.

The Sora S-1

The S-1 is a 30-passenger battery electric VTOL aircraft currently being designed to provide rapid commuting transportation between city centres and airports or park 'n' rides around the periphery.

Sora Aviation S1 3-view image

Compared to smaller vehicles, the S-1 offers:

  • Reduced number of flight crew and increased passenger throughput

  • Efficiencies and economies of scale to achieve $2/passenger mile

  • Greater societal acceptance by serving the wider public

  • Reduced energy consumption per passenger

  • Low noise through reduced take-off and landing events

  • Reduced air traffic and increased safety

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